Behavioral Health Associate

$14.00 hourly
  • Detroit Behavioral Institute
  • Oct 06, 2021
Full time Health Care

Job Description


  • Observes, reports and records behavior of residents
  • Assists in the delivery of physical care for residents as needed
  • Provides an accurate summary of each youth’s daily behavior in their progress notes
  • Assists in the treatment and rehabilitation of residents, in accordance with the treatment plan, unit philosophy, and program policies
  • Assists in the maintenance of the unit environment in compliance with the treatment plan, unit philosophy, and program policies
  • Demonstrates ability and willingness to learn new procedures and develops new skills
  • Maintains a professional and ethical code of behavior
  • Facilitates thorough room/resident searches
  • Assigns and facilitates Group Talks
  • Facilitates Self Calls
  • Assigns and ensures youth’s follow up on Rational Thinking Papers and Therapeutic Follow Up assignments
  • Identifies normal childhood/adolescent problems, i.e., overly timid, general negativism, from abnormal childhood/adolescent behavior
  • Identifies forces that shape development of children/adolescents through childhood/adolescent years
  • Responds with therapeutic interventions to childhood/adolescent disruptive behavior disorders of:
    • Separation anxiety
    • ADHD
    • Impaired social interaction
    • Disturbance of self-concept/self-esteem
    • Ineffective coping
    • Sexual acting out
    • Aggressive behaviors
    • Suicidal ideations
  • Facilitates residents through developmental task of identity versus role confusion
  • Assists residents in adjusting to changes related to puberty, if needed
  • Identifies verbal and non-verbal cues for potential aggressive behavior and applies de-escalation techniques to situation
  • Differentiates between acute and chronic problems
  • Facilitates evolution of independent life skills development
  • Provides individual care to each resident while being consistent in privileges and consequences
  • Appropriately complete Incident Reports, as needed
  • Attends all mandatory trainings
  • Performs all other duties as assigned