Clinic Administrator- South Lyon

$50,000 - $55,000 yearly
  • MetroEHS
  • South Lyon, MI, USA
  • Oct 27, 2021
Full time Health Care Management

Job Description

MetroEHS is seeking a Clinical Support Specialist to work with our clinical staff and our SUPERHERO families at our South Lyon Neighborhood Therapy Center! This person will help our center run smoothly through a variety of tasks; a pleasant demeanor and organizational skills are a must.

Role of a Clinic Administrator

The Clinic Administrator (CA) will oversee the day-to-day operations at each of their assigned MetroEHS’s locations. This position requires them to work closely with ABA Manager, Therapy Manager, SLPs/OTs & RBTs, as they oversee key administrative operations that keep each clinic location running efficiently so the managers, therapy staff and techs have the luxury of providing quality therapeutic services at their respective therapy center. Clinic Administrators work in close conjunction with the company’s HQ staff (HR, Finance, Billing & Scheduling) to direct practice management in the areas of: finance, compliance (HR/billing/etc), and scheduling/rescheduling cancelations, collection of co-pays/deductibles and maintaining a welcoming environment for the kiddos we service and their parents. In addition, CA’s assist the Managers by initiating department goal developments and assisting the clinical team to achieve the KPI’s set forth for their location.

Duties & Responsibilities

Clinic Administrator is responsible for the overall financial and personnel management of their respective center. The Clinic Administrator is purely administrative, providing no therapy services to the kiddos at the location. Their chief responsibilities are coordinating all facets of the administrative aspects of the center, thus bringing together finances, staffing, and compliance so the managers and therapists can deliver quality, efficient, and economical therapy services.

  • Develop and review clinic budgets and manage purchases for center in conjunction with HQ Finance Manager
  • Oversee staffing needs (in conjunction with HR/Recruiting) so therapists’ PTO time is covered.
  • Manage all admin staff at their respective site: CRM’s, CSS’s, &/or Therapy Assistants and etc. These individuals will be direct reports to the CA.
  • Working with HR/Payroll to approve PTO for therapy staff (SLPs/OTs/Techs).
  • Organize delivery of kiddo/client services at their site.
  • Plan provider and staff scheduling (for cancelations & etc).
  • Assist therapy staff with EMR issues if needed.
  • Maintain compliance within HIPAA, OIG regulations & etc.
  • Implement company human resource and office procedures.
  • Maintain collection policies for co-pay’s/deductibles when necessary.
  • Assess IT requirements to manage office network and server issues.
  • Assist the clinical team at their site to achieve quarterly KPI’s.
  • Fiscal management skills necessary to sustain and grow programs and services to achieve strategic goals and objectives.
  • Report to Clinical Support & Sales Manager for MetroEHS Pediatric Therapy

Key Traits for the Clinic Administrator

Key traits for success are strong management skills, organizational skills, initiative skills, problem-solving skills, and people skills. Persuasive communication skills and the ability to interact equally with employees, other professionals, kiddos and their parents are also required.

Education Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in any field &/or 2+ years experience managing staff

Please direct all inquires to Emily Polet-Monterosso at