Medical Technologist

  • Henry Ford Health System
  • Various Locations
  • Dec 14, 2021
Full time Health Care

Job Description


Under general supervision, performs routine and complex analytic procedures on blood and/or other body fluids or specimens, involving manual techniques or the use of laboratory instruments and information systems.


  •  Performs routine and complex biological, chemical, cytological, hematological, histologic, immunological, microscopic, and/or bacteriological tests procedures on laboratory specimens, using manual or automated techniques and information systems, for the purpose of diagnosing, preventing, or treatment of disease.
  • The Medical Technologist is qualified to perform all duties of the Medical Technologist job, and in a given job situation may or may not perform all of the duties; actual duties will pertain to the specific Medical Technologist position.
  • Applies knowledge, training, and independent clinical judgment to take action and/or develop solutions.
  • Collaborates with leadership staff to improve processes and resolve problems, including: Evaluating instrument performance and quality control results to ensure the accuracy and reliability of all analytic data prior to release; Correlating results with other lab data and/or disease states; Identification of technical, instrument, pharmacologic and/or physiologic causes of unexpected test results.
  • Performs calibration, preventive maintenance, quality control, and troubleshooting of laboratory equipment, instruments and/or laboratory information systems.
  • Following successful completion of competency testing may perform processing, testing, and reporting without direct supervision.
  • Complies with established departmental and institutional policies and procedures, including compliance, quality assessment and improvement, safety, environmental, and infection control. Maintains confidentiality of patient information.
  • Participates in various quality assessment and improvement activities including, proficiency testing, gathering data for quality assurance monitors, developing and adhering to safe work practices, participating in quality improvement committees, and successfully completes regular competency assessments.
  • Maintains the laboratory and procedures in inspection ready condition.
  • Communicates with internal and external customers, including nurses, physicians and other health care workers concerning laboratory results, procedures, technology, and related issues.
  • Provides direction and guidance for questions and/or problems referred by medical laboratory technicians or other staff.
  • Assists in the development and/or designing of new test procedures and/or methodologies.
  • Participates in the evaluation, correlation, and introduction of new instruments or procedures.
  • Helps validate new laboratory information system software.
  • Prepares and maintains documentation as needed.
  • Participates in the instruction (theory and practice) of laboratory science to students, residents and new employees.
  • Attends, participates in, and presents department continuing education and in-service programs.
  • May perform phlebotomy or other related duties as assigned or requested.


  • Completion of accredited Bachelor’s Degree program in medical technology, medical laboratory sciences, or clinical laboratory sciences.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Microbiology, or Biology may be considered if completed coursework aligns with the duties of the specific Medical Technologist position.
  • Coursework completed outside of the US must be verified by a NACES approved credential evaluation service.
  • Requires six months experience in a medical laboratory setting.
  • Demonstrated technical proficiency and theoretical knowledge sufficient to perform laboratory functions are required.
  • Must meet or exceed core customer service responsibilities, standards and behaviors as outlined in the HFHS’ Customer Service Policy and summarized below: Communication, Ownership, Understanding, Motivation, Sensitivity, Excellence, Teamwork, Respect
  • Must practice the customer skills as provided through on-going training and in-services. Must possess the following personal qualities: Be self-directed, Be flexible and committed to the team concept, Demonstrate teamwork, initiative and willingness to learn, Be open to new learning experiences, Accepts and respects diversity without judgment, Demonstrates customer service values


  •  Certification at the technologist level from a nationally recognized agency, such as ASCP, NCA, ASM, AABB, ACS, or HEW is preferred.


  •  Regularly exposed to infection from disease-bearing specimens, organs and tissues.
  • Regular exposure to electrical equipment, chemicals, odors, changing temperatures, and frequent interruptions.
  • May handle absentee replacement on short notice.
  • May require prolonged standing, walking, and the ability to lift/carry up to 25 lbs.
  • Vision Near Acuity: Ability to see clearly at 20 inches or less.
  • Depth Perception: Ability to judge distance and space relationships.
  • Accommodation: Ability to adjust vision to bring objects into focus.
  • Color Vision: Ability to distinguish and identify different colors necessary to perform job functions.


  • Eye and face protection, gown, lab coat, apron, mask, non-sterile medical gloves and utility gloves as required by task or duties.