Energy Auditor

$18.00 - $22.00 hourly
  • wayne Metro
  • Oct 11, 2022
Full time Entry Level

Job Description

  • Implement a range of home energy efficiency services for low-income persons.  Such services may include but are not limited to weatherization, energy education, minor home energy efficiency, and major home energy efficiency.  This will include the design of processes and procedures to ensure effective service provision. 
  • Conduct physical/visual home audits and final inspections of all work performed on homes under Weatherization and Energy Efficiency programs. Use a wide variety of testing and diagnostic equipment for the purpose of identifying energy conservation potential and unsafe or hazardous conditions. 
  • Evaluate collected energy audit data, plan, and estimate costs of fieldwork in ways which will efficiently address building efficiencies and achieve maximum energy savings in accordance with Federal, State, and Local guidelines. 
  • Adhere to Federal, State, local, and Agency program rules and guidelines. Assist with ensuring sub-contractors abide by policies and procedures specified by Federal, State, Local, and Agency contracts, protocols and policies. 
  • Establish relationships with independent contractors in order to coordinate service delivery methods. This may include: establishing work methods/techniques; conferring with contractors on their work and counseling contractors upon their selected approaches to accomplishing work goals; serving as a liaison to professional consultants and volunteers. 
  • Inspect and evaluate the performance of contractors based on prepared work orders and specifications and reasonable cost. Work with contractors to resolve any discrepancies and to ensure that all work is completed in a manner that is satisfactory to both the customer and funder.
  • Interact with agency clients in a professional manner, assess client needs through interviews and questionnaires, set client expectations and responsibilities, provide energy conservation and residential health and safety education, serve as liaison between clients and contractors, make appropriate referrals, and exemplify agency commitment to servicing low-income clients. 
  • Responsible for general effectiveness, efficiency, and achievement of production goals by careful planning and coordinating of field work to achieve monthly and annual program goals. 
  • Responsible for security and maintenance of program equipment.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with area providers of home energy efficiency services necessary to: remain up-to-date in the knowledge of available services; increase the services available to agency clients; better coordinate existing services; make appropriate referrals of clients for services; cultivate opportunities for joint ventures; and identify potential sources of funding for the agency.
  • Develop, implement, manage, and evaluate outreach and recruitment activities designed to identify clients meeting program specifications and guidelines and to educate the public about services available to assist low-income persons, whether provided by the agency or other area service providers.  This may require conducting educational seminars, distributing flyers and other literature, meeting with community organizations/groups, and directly contacting potential clients.
  • Maintain records necessary to document services and program effectiveness in keeping with funding and agency requirements.  Prepare statistical and narrative programmatic reports for internal agency use and external funding sources in a timely and accurate manner.  
  • Successfully complete and maintain required program training courses, examinations, continuing education requirements, and certifications. 
  • Maintain a positive attitude towards assigned work, clients, and staff, and a willingness to work with others.
  • Perform work in a professional manner that upholds Wayne Metro’s policies and procedures.