Cena- Certified Nursing Assistant- With Shift Diff Offered 7am to 7pm or 7pm to 7am

  • StoneCrest Center
  • Mar 29, 2023
Full time Nurse

Job Description

Position Summary: Provide medical or therapeutic care under direction of nursing or clinical staff.

Essential Function: 

  • Ensure the well being of patients and provide a positive, supportive and structured environment, under direction of charge nurse or supervisor.
  • Patient safety is addressed through
  • Complete patient observation rounds timely.  Observation may be assigned every 15 minutes, within reach of patient and/or 1:1 patient care.
  • Ensure patient rooms are clean and uncluttered.

·         Assist with transferring, lifting, raising or turning patients.

  • Obtain patient’s vital signs, height and weight as assigned and ensure accurate documentation.
  • Identify self to patient and visitors promptly and respond to patient requests quickly.
  • Engage with patient in activities and interactions designed to encourage achievement of treatment goals.
  • Respond to distressed patients in a non-threatening manner and attempt to understand the source of distress.
  • Apply de-escalation techniques to help manage patient’s emotions, behavior and participation in treatment and assist with seclusion and restraints when necessary.
  • Monitor behavioral improvements and reinforce these behaviors.  Report changes and responses to treatment by communicating with team.  Significant changes are reported to nurse immediately.
  • Reinforce skills patients learn from nurses, physicians and therapist that promote improved physical and mental wellness.

·         Insure comfort, dignity, privacy and perform related CNA duties such as feed, bath, dress, groom, move patients or change linens.

  • Provide transfer or transportation for patient or coordinate transportation with appropriate staff member, as required.

·         Adherence to work schedule and overall attendance. 

·         Follow established policies, procedures and standards for patient care.

·         Clean unit as assigned by professional staff, including equipment such as, beds, IV poles and wheelchairs.

·         Document timely, accurate and appropriate clinical information in patient medical record.

·         Collaborate with other staff in working with the population of the facility to treat and rehabilitate.

·         Demonstrate a positive, empathetic and professional attitude towards customers always.  When patient needs are not met, acknowledge and work to resolve complaints.  Recognize that patient safety is a top priority.