Simulation Engineer

$17.50 - $35.00 hourly
  • Gabletek
  • Troy, MI, USA
  • May 06, 2024
Full time Engineering

Job Description


  • Configure Robot Controller Simulation (RCS) in the simulation software
  • Develop complete robot programs with multiple robot brands (Fanuc, ABB, Kawasaki, Etc.)
  • Verify the feasibility of solutions and processes. Find and solve issues before the manufacturing phase.
  • Validate the cycle time of each station/line. Optimize robot programs and find solutions in case of cycle time issues.
  • Support Site team during commissioning phase
  • Manufacturing Engineering or related field/work experience
  • Strong skills with Siemens Process Simulate (PS)
  • Proficient in MS Office / Google Suite applications
  • Strong skills in Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Strong communication and presentation skills



  • Develop robot programs using teach pendant of the major robot brands
  • Download a complete offline robot program
  • Configure Robot Controller Simulation (RCS) in the simulation software
  • Operate with Robot brand specific software (ABB RobotStudio, Fanuc Roboguide, Kawasaki K-Roset...)
  • Validate solutions and processes with detailed simulation
  • Validate the cycle feasibility defined in the cycle diagrams
  • Optimize weld distribution to improve the cycle time
  • Generate a precise evaluation of the cycle time through a detailed cycle simulation
  • Generate robot safety configurations. Ensure compliance with safety and ergonomics regulations.
  • Develop robot signal logic with Software and Virtual Commissioning team
  • Support Virtual Commissioning team during debug phase
  • Support site team during commissioning phase
  • Customer support and specification analysis
  • Design reviews with customers
  • Design reviews with Project Engineer and project team
  • Develop technical documentation
  • Manage Industrial processes and robotic application for automation projects
  • Library maintenance, simulation models (Robot / Fittings / External axes / tool changers / slides / dressing
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Continuous skill improvement and learning new working methods
  • These deliverables are primarily focused in the following areas: Trim, Chassis, and Final (General Assembly)
  • Coordination of simulation deliverables, tracking files, and glide paths following the Virtual Assembly Standards
  • Technical support and prioritization of simulation requests by engineering team
  • Create One-Pager posture reports and review with the plant team
  • Perform Part Fly-In Simulation for each Station components/assemblies in Process Simulate for Trim, Chassis and Final Lines
  • Coordinate with MBOM Engineer and Industrial Engineer to make updates to match the simulation to the latest MBOM and Scroll
  • Perform Human Quick Walk simulations for critical/prioritized stations using Process Simulate to validate station cycle times, optimize the workstations to reduce operator walk
  • Simulations will incorporate moving line (Vehicle Moving) with process times from Industrial Engineering to better predict operator walk distances
  • Perform Detailed Moving Line Simulations which requires assigning kinematics to process tools, and generating postures for each work element provided in man assignment to accurately simulate the station and visually present assembly process
  • Create resources, tools, equipment item in PS to be consumed in Process Simulate Simulations
  • Identify and document major process, tooling, and layout issues early in the launch process