Substitute Cashiers

$13.50 hourly
  • Romeo Community Schools
  • May 06, 2024
Part time Restaurant-Food Service

Job Description



POSITION TITLE:  Cashier - Substitute

FLSA STATUS:  Non-Exempt

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP:  Director of Food Service



Under general supervision of the Director of Food Service, the Cashier is responsible for the collection, recording and reporting of all sales derived from the school meals programs.



●       Utilize and maintain the Point of Sale system according to District guidelines and federal regulations;

●       Responsible for understanding how to run the point of sale system and be able to troubleshoot problems for other staff members;

●       Ensures that all meals sold as reimbursable meals meet the requirements for a reimbursable meal per the NSBP and NSLP guidelines;

●       Responsible for collecting and registering or manually recording all sales derived from the school meals programs;

●       All student sales must be entered using the students account. There are no cash sales for students;

●       Ensures students are using their own account and not another student’s account including a family member or friends account;

●       All adults who would like to make a purchase must use an account with available funds or have cash in hand to do so, no line of credit;

●       Understands and enforces Romeo Community Schools current meal charging policy;

●       Enter in all daily student deposits before the start of the lunch period;

●       Ability to perform correctly individual and family deposits and void a sale when needed;

●       Daily deposits will include the following: • Departmental Deposit Form, Currency sorted by denomination and Endorsed checks;

●       Responsible for verifying that all money and cash out sheets are accurate. All money is then combined, bundled and daily deposit is completed;

●       Two signatures are required to verify funds;

●       Any shortage override of the end of day cash out will be authorized only by the Food Service Director or Production Assistant the day of the occurrence. Explanation of shortage will be documented in Meal Magic;

●       Deposit is taken to the main office for pick up;

●       Non US currency and coins cannot be accepted;

●       Checks must be made payable to Romeo Community Schools;

●       Checks must be for the exact amount and deposited into lunch account only;

●       Verify the numerical and written amount numbers match;

●       Verify the date of the check.  Do not agree to hold the check for future deposit;

●       Verify the students first and last name in on the memo line of the check;

●       Verify the check is signed by the account holder;

●       Verify the check has a bank name listed and that the routing number, account holder's bank account number and check number are encoded on the bottom edge of the check;

●       RCS Food Service will not accept the following: Checks drawn on foreign banks, checks issued in foreign currency, Third Party checks, checks with a future date, and Traveler's checks;

●       Prior to leaving the cash register or work area for any reason, the cashier will lock the cash drawer and remove the key, keeping it in their possession;

●       Responsible for placing paper liner in red serving baskets daily;

●       Responsible for placing red basket wash tub in cafeteria for student to place used baskets in as needed;

●       Responsible to return dirty red baskets to kitchen for cleaning between lunch periods;

●       Responsible for refilling salad bar cooler with cold fruit and vegetables per menu between each lunch period. Communicate with cook on what prepped items can be used for the daily menu;

●       Responsible to refill milk cooler during lunch service;

●       Responsible for cleaning out milk cooler weekly;

●       Responsible for stocking plasticware, napkins and condiments between lunch period and at the end of the day;

●       Responsible for keeping register cart cleaned daily;

●       Assist with washing and putting away clean dishes between each lunch period as needed;

●       Assist with serving lunch on a daily basis if needed;

●       Responsible to organize and label student ID cards prior to the first day of school and then again after when new photo ID cards have arrived if needed;

●       Responsible to sort and return ID cards to class room assigned ID card holder on a daily basis if needed;

●       Responsible to move/return student ID card holders from inside the kitchen hooks in lunch room each lunch period if needed;

●       Responsible for weekly cleaning tasks as assigned by Food Service Director when needed;

●       Responsible to complete yearly Professional Development in accordance with USDA Policy 80 FR11007 and provide that documentation to the Food Service Director;

●       Responsible for completing all Professional Development required by the District, i.e. SafeSchools;

●       Must be able to work as a team;

●       Participates in district and school initiatives, adheres to building and district school improvement plans;

●       Participate in organizational quality;

●       Keep in confidence all student and/or personnel records and information;

●       Adheres to district and school rules and procedures;

●       Conducts behavior to demonstrate collegiality and professionalism;

●       Regular and reliable attendance is an essential function of the position;

●       Other duties as assigned by the Food Service Director.




●       Possession of a High School Diploma or equivalency

●       ServSafe Certification Preferred

●       Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board of Education may find appropriate and acceptable;

●       Applicants must satisfactorily pass a criminal background check as defined by the State of Michigan.



●       Demonstrated understanding of USDA School Meals Pattern requirements;

●       Knowledge of records administration and maintenance techniques and procedures;

●       Knowledge of productivity applications such as Microsoft Office (word processing, Google, email, etc. is required;

●       Skills to effectively communicate with a variety of stakeholders, both orally and in writing;

●       Skills necessary to integrate and utilize district technology on a daily basis to maintain proficiency, as required skill sets change with technology and or the needs of the district;

●       Skills in the use of computer technology for research, data management, communications and other instruction in a networked environment utilizing the Internet and other electronic communication mechanisms;

●       Ability to set and meet goals evaluated through ongoing and annual Administrator feedback and achievement of objectives and agreed upon professional/personal goals;

●       Ability to work collaboratively with internal and external contacts;

●       Ability to handle routine correspondence;

●       Ability to work well with students, the public, and other employees;

●       Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions.



The employee must be able to perform the essential functions of the position satisfactorily and that, if requested, reasonable accommodations may be made to enable employees with disabilities to perform the essential functions of their job, absent undue hardship.  The contract, salary and other employment conditions will be mutually agreed upon by the Board of Education and the Romeo Education Association.