Laboratory Technician I

$20.00 hourly
  • Mastronardi Produce
  • May 23, 2024
Full time Other Science Warehouse

Job Description

Primary Function:
The essential function of this position is to assist with the design and maintenance of a comprehensive corporate Microbiology Program (MVP) and Post-Harvest Program (PHV). The MVP is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory that provides quality test results as required by the US Food and Drug Administration, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and as outlined in the Safe Quality Foods standard. This position will provide testing services to all United States and Canadian operations. The PHV enables us to understand the physiology of our harvested produce. This technology is essential to maximize shelf life, proper storage, and marketability of our products.
Non-Negotiable Traits:
To perform the job successfully, the incumbent’s behavior and performance must be consistent with the five Non-Negotiable Traits expected of all Mastronardi Produce employees (PRIDE): Passion, Respect, Innovation, Drive, Excellence.
Primary Responsibilities:
• Comprehensive knowledge of general laboratory best practices, highly proficient in ability to document and work within GLPs, SOPs, GMPs, HACCP, SSOPs & ISO/IEC 17025:2017
• Assist with the design and maintenance of our facility-wide Environmental Monitoring Program
• Assist with the design and maintenance of microbiology programs for validation of Sanitation Program by monitoring of cleaned surfaces & ATP (Bioluminescence Testing)
• Schedule and conduct training sessions for environmental swabbing and ATP (Bioluminescence Testing) at all company owned facilities
• Assist with management of Test-Hold-Release Program, and reporting of results to Management
• Assist with the implementation and maintenance of Microbiology Laboratory to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 International Standard
• Serves as deputy to Technical Manager (Microbiologist) for the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 program
• Dedicate self to providing quality test results that comply with ISO/IEC 17025:2017 International Standard, our customers’ needs and government requirements
• Assist with the design and maintenance of a totally comprehensive shelf-life program, assist with warehouse environment research, and the completion of laboratory duties for Post-Harvest testing
• Efficiently run a product shelf-life testing program and maintain all supplies
• Assist to determine root-cause of plant diseases, pest issues, shelf-life problems and assist in monitoring of corrective actions and establishment of preventative measures
• Assist with project-based research of the growing and storage environment (data collection, environmental monitoring, data input, data etc.)
• Input, develop and maintain key information databases and provide reports and analysis for management as needed
• Measure, weigh, pipette, maintain lab supply, equipment inventory, set media prep, swabbing, sample taking, sample preparation, incubation, testing and conduct other laboratory duties
• Maintain environmental cleanliness to avoid cross-contamination of products and the environment
• Maintain a highly professional audit inspection-ready environment that can viewed without prior notice
• Provide testing of products and samples from other operations in Canada and US
• Assists with customer complaints around microbial issues or issues of spoilage
• Continuously research, identify and evaluate best practices, and establish new resources, tools and methodologies to maximize effectiveness of the Microbiology and Post-Harvest Programs.
• Display respect to all and consistently show professionalism
• Lead by example in all aspects of business ethics, personal and professional integrity, and individual accountability
• Provide reports to Executive Management as requested; and must maintain confidentiality of all proprietary information, as well as other Company data, including personnel information.
• Develop presentations, and presentation skills
• Conduct other duties as assigned
Position Requirements:
• Must pass Drug Test and Background Check
• Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology, Food Science or closely related field
• A minimum of one (1)+ years of microbiology, food science or agricultural experience in an analytical laboratory or foods manufacturing/distribution environment is preferred
• Must have excellent laboratory and pipetting skills
• Must be high-performance team player and be willing to work in a dynamic, growing, demanding and fast-paced environment
• Must be a self-starter and willing to work flexible hours
• Must have ability to effectively follow-up and handle multiple projects with strong personal time-management skills and effectively manage associated stress
• Proficiency in use of English language with the ability to communicate effectively and professionally, present information and direction, and field questions from managers, employees and external contacts
• Spanish as a second language would be an asset
• Valid driver’s license and clean driving record is required
• Highly proficient in computer-use skills (MS Office: Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
• Willingness to work independently, with minimal supervision and take ownership of job
• Willingness to work with a high degree of professionalism and personal integrity
• Strong organizational, analytical and problem solving skills
• Demonstrate strong laboratory skills including design of experiments, running experiments, gathering data and developing conclusions and insights
Working Conditions:
• Environment includes an expansive refrigerated warehouse, where the temperature averages 50°F. The background noise approaches 70 dcbs
• Position requires sitting, standing, walking and bending on a regular basis. Visual and audio sensory are needed regularly. Limited kneeling, squatting and crawling required
• Must have manual dexterity to perform computer skills