Engineer Interdisciplinary (Multiple Series) DB-03

$91,270 - $141,089 yearly
  • US Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center
  • Jan 22, 2024
Full time Engineering

Job Description


The positions being filled will range from entry level employees to those who perform lower-level independent engineering and/or scientific work requiring a basic knowledge of engineering and/or scientific fundamentals usually obtained through a bachelor’s degree program. Assignments range from specific, often unrelated tasks that relieve experienced employees of detailed but simple work to those requiring the application and adaptation of a variety of subject matter principles, guidelines, and practices to conventional assignments. Work at the higher level normally covers independent portions of a larger project. These employees investigate and recommend new ways of accomplishing the technical objectives specified. The supervisor gives entry level employees detailed instructions on new assignments and checks the completed work. The supervisor indicates major objectives to be obtained and provides background information on lower-level independent work assignments. Work is reviewed for technical adequacy and conformance with objectives. Performs other duties as assigned.

Positions may also be filled at the full performance level for engineers and scientists.

Positions openings include but are not limited to the following series:

·         0801 - General Engineering Series:

This series includes all classes of positions the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform research or other professional and scientific work of a special or miscellaneous character which is not specifically classifiable in any other engineering series, but which involves the application of a knowledge of such engineering fundamentals as the strength and strain analysis of engineering materials and structures, the physical and chemical characteristics of engineering materials such as elastic limits, maximum unit stresses, coefficients of expansion, workability, hardness, tendency to fatigue, resistance to corrosion, engineering adaptability, engineering methods of construction and processing, etc.; or positions involving professional work in several branches of engineering.

·         0830- Mechanical Engineer Series:

This series covers positions managing, supervising, leading, and/or performing professional engineering and scientific work: involving the design, development, commission, manufacture, operation, maintenance, and disposal of mechanical devices and systems and their equipment and/or components; and concerning the principles of motion, energy, force, and material properties to ensure mechanical devices and systems and their equipment and/or components function safely, reliably, efficiently, and economically. Mechanical engineering work involves the generation and/or application of theories, principles, practical concepts, systems, and processes related to: the science of mechanical engineering (e.g., design, fluid dynamics, manufacturing processes, machine design, thermodynamics, and heat transfer), design standards, industry codes, and techniques; traditional engineering science disciplines (e.g., civil, electrical, and chemical); and advanced mathematics, physical science disciplines (e.g., physics, chemistry, and materials science), environmental science, and social science disciplines (e.g., economics).

·         0854 – Computer Engineering Series:

This series includes professional engineering positions which require primarily the application of knowledge of (1) fundamentals and principles of professional engineering, (2) computer hardware, systems software, and computer system architecture and integration, and (3) mathematics, including calculus, probability, statistics, discrete structures, and modern algebra. The work pertains primarily to the research, design, development, testing, evaluation, and maintenance of computer hardware and software systems in an integrated manner.

·         0850 – Electrical Engineering Series:

This series covers positions managing, supervising, leading, and/or performing professional engineering and scientific work concerned with utilizing and exploring electrical and electronic phenomena and the motion, emissions, conduction, and behavior of electrical energy currents; designing electrical equipment, components, or systems; and generating and transmitting electrical energy in an efficient manner.

·         0855 – Electronics Engineering Series:

This series covers positions managing, supervising, leading, and/or performing professional engineering and scientific work involving electronic circuits, circuit elements, equipment, systems, and associated phenomena concerned with electromagnetic or acoustical wave energy or electrical information for purposes such as communication, computation, sensing, control, measurement, and navigation.

·         1550 Computer Science Series:

This series includes professional positions which primarily involve the application of, or research into, computer science methods and techniques to store, manipulate, transform, or present information by means of computer systems. The primary requirements of the work are (a) professional competence in applying the theoretical foundations of computer science, including computer system architecture and system software organization, the representation and transformation of information structures, and the theoretical models for such representations and transformations; (b) specialized knowledge of the design characteristics, limitations, and potential applications of systems having the ability to transform information, and of broad areas of applications of computing which have common structures, processes, and techniques; and (c) knowledge of relevant mathematical and statistical sciences.

Incentives: Relocation/Recruitment Incentives, may be offered. Benefits: Time Off- 11 Federal Holidays; 13 Sick Leave Days, Health, Dental, Retirement, Vision, Life, and Thrift Savings Plan (TSP, like a 401K)

Conditions of Employment:

·         U.S. Citizenship

·         Must be able to obtain and maintain a Secret Clearance

·         Temporary Duty (TDY)/ Business travel varies depending on position, this will be discussed further in the interview process.

Pay Plan: Lab Demo

Series: 801, 830, 850, 854, 855, 1550

Grade or Grade Range: DB3

Location: Warren, MI

Salary Range: Base Salary Range: $91,270 - $141,089 per year

Minimum Education Requirement: Bachelor's Degree