Continental Management

It is our commitment at Continental Management to invest in people first and foster a community where employees and residents can grow personally and professionally.

As a proven leader in the industry, Continental Management combines fresh, progressive management strategies with modern communications in order to provide affordable housing and maximize investment return in tandem with ensuring long-term property appreciation.

In over 15 years, the company has grown exponentially, continuing to provide exceptional service to clients and residents while driving higher occupancies, resident renewals, and referrals.


Our team is committed to providing quality service to our residents and clients. Continental Management’s primary objective is to provide the best possible living environment for every resident, creating a sense of ownership and pride and to continually enhance the surrounding neighborhoods where communities are located.


Continental Management’s success in creating quality affordable housing is tied not only to site selection and design considerations, but its commitment to excellence in property management that makes a difference. This is done by creating new job opportunities and use of local vendors through construction and renovation efforts, as well as extra tax revenues to the community at large.

Our on-site professionals provide daily service to residents and demonstrate the company’s commitment to quality through their dedicated management of the properties. Continental Management has the vision, the knowledge, and the care for our residents to soar as a leader in residential housing management.

Core Values

At Continental Management we are very proud to be recognized by several organizations for providing quality management. We can attribute much of this success to our valued impact on the community, attentive customer service, and extensive education. Continental Management provides an opportunity for our employees to share ideas, learn new concepts, and overall unite as a team to become a frontrunner in the property management industry. We also provide opportunities for our employees to be key contributors to the revitalization of the communities we serve.

Thus, we emphasize the importance of the following:

  • Serving our communities;
  • Ensuring our employees treat one another as partners, friends, and mentors;
  • Attending to our clients’ needs and expectations;
  • Maintaining communication among landlords and tenants;
  • Ensuring exceptional service and care for our residents.