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We're an expert Michigan Water Damage Cleanup company on a mission to make your restoration problem in your home or business go away as fast as possible. We're the professionals, we do great work and we make the process simple. Fire, water and mold work fast. Our restoration experts are on call 24/7 to restore your property as quickly as possible.

Our experts have 20 years of experience in residential and commercial water and fire restoration, mold remediation, and insurance claims.

Nov 23, 2021
Full time
$55,000 - $65,000 yearly
DRYmedic Restoration Services 795 Industrial Court, Bloomfield Township, MI, USA
The Project Coordinator will be responsible for the organization, communication and supervision of all mitigation activities that take place on the work site, ensuring high standards of professionalism and efficiency. The Project Coordinator fields leads and maintains, runs, and distributes jobs. These responsibilities will include the planning and scheduling of work and maintaining records of all work and the progress made on a job. Duties and Responsibilities -Monitor and coordinate activities with the Project Manager, Client, Contractors, and Mitigation Staff. -Ensure high standards of professionalism and efficiency. -Ensure the efficient use of labor, machines and materials used by the crew. -Take an active role in the selection, training, assignment, and supervision of mitigation staff, including monitoring performance, providing feedback, and taking corrective action. -Coordinate the daily activities of mitigation staff -Assist in the resolution of job...