Performance Environmental Services, Inc.

Performance Environmental Services, Inc. is a full service environmental health and safety consulting firm with offices in Michigan and Pennsylvania. We service clients across multiple industries including healthcare, manufacturing, schools, government, construction, insurance and real estate. Some of our services include lead and asbestos consulting, industrial hygiene, property transfer, mold testing, indoor air quality, strategic regulatory services, due diligence, and training. We provide our clients with cost effective and efficient solutions to their environmental challenges.

Performance Environmental Services, Inc. was founded in 2000 to help our clients navigate the complex environmental and safety regulations they are faced with.  We provide a wide range of solutions to assist a variety of clients with complex environmental and safety issues, while working within the constraints of their budgets and timelines. We offer our consulting services to building owners, property managers, lenders, attorneys, architects, manufacturers, suppliers and contractors. Performance's experienced team works to save you time and resources while maintaining stringent quality control procedures, in-house analytical capabilities and professional services. And our services are always delivered with our special blend of proficiency, excellence and common sense.