Inland Group

The Inland Group of Companies offer a full range of airport and airline support services, from aircraft deicing and spent ADF recovery to cargo and passenger handling.

Inland Technologies: We are a full-service airport environmental compliance and ground support specialist. Inland offers a range of airport environmental services including spent aircraft de-icing fluid collection, glycol recycling, and stormwater management. Our Fluids Division is an aircraft de-icing fluid manufacturer and industrial glycol supply provider.

IDS: Our core business is the safe and efficient delivery of deicing and anti-icing services to our carrier clients. This focus allows IDS to maintain a high quality approach driven by using cutting-edge technology to minimize chemical consumption and maximize efficiency.

Quantem Aviation Services: Quantem is a premier aviation support provider specializing in ground handling, cargo and mail operations, and passenger services. Our core focus is the delivery of reliable aviation support services to our customers in the safest and most efficient way.