She's Happy Hair

She’s Happy Hair is a phenomenally successful, veteran, black-owned business that recognized a void in the community. Seizing the opportunity to provide great customer service, products and a sense of social responsibility, the company has grown into a household name with six storefront locations in Houston, the Dallas-Ft. Worth area as well as Detroit, Michigan and plans to open more stores in the immediate future. She’s Happy Hair is the #1 virgin hair supplier in the United States; with an online store that ships worldwide, this international brand has a five-star product line that includes their all natural shampoo, conditioner, and Sleek Edges (edge control). Approaching their seventh anniversary in business She’s Happy Hair shows no signs of slowing down.

In addition to giving women a way to enhance their beauty, She’s Happy Hair does its very best to support the community by giving back and spreading the love their customers give to them. Over the years, the hair company has hosted a number of charity events with the purpose of serving women and children including the customer appreciation event, “The Happy Experience.” “The Happy Experience” is an event where women are treated to beauty services, hair treatments, food, entertainment and given the opportunity to audition for a model spot on a She’s Happy Hair commercial to be shown on national television. It is a signature event the company loves to host to show their gratitude for the loyal customers and communities they serve. She’s Happy Hair also hosts school supply giveaways, food drives, annual toy drives, as well as career days serving grade schools, colleges and universities. All of the company’s charity events are done out of love and a genuine concern for bettering the community.