It can if you're on TV instead of eating a bag of potato chips in front of it. The producers of Supernanny are casting for a new weight-loss reality show that combines competitive elements with an emotional journey. You can qualify to be a contestant in this weight-loss contest if you meet the following criteria: age 21 or older, 60 + pounds overweight, can take 10 consecutive weeks off to film the show.

Not only could you lose a lot of weight, but all of the participants can win a huge cash prize while representing iVillage women. Click here for entry instructions.

Casting directors are looking for people who are committed to losing weight, but also have a story to tell. And we all know from our message boards and blog comments that iVillage women are fun, interesting and have a lot to say. So enter now to change your life forever and make us all proud. Be sure to mention iVillage in your entry form.