Cottage Inn Pizza

Our story begins at the first Cottage Inn restaurant, which opened its doors at 512 East William, Ann Arbor in 1948. This restaurant carries the unique distinction of being the first restaurant in Ann Arbor to serve pizza. The building at 512 East William Street remains the company’s flagship store today and is uniquely identified as The Original Cottage Inn.

Cottage Inn Carryout & Delivery started expanding in 1975 when the main restaurant was no longer able to meet the demands of its growing popularity. By 1978, it became apparent we needed a second company, one exclusively devoted to our delivery business. As a result, Carryout & Delivery, Inc. was established.

The first Cottage Inn (CI) store under this new company was founded at the cross-section of Packard and Hill in Ann Arbor and still stands today! In June 1986, our first franchise opened on Grove Road in Ypsilanti. By 2003, our new corporate headquarters and distribution center were established.

We currently operate over 50 CI stores and franchises in Michigan and Ohio. Our facilities now offer a variety of menu options for carryout and delivery service. Some locations even have inside seating and “all you can eat” pizza buffet bars.