Educational Data Systems, Inc.

Why We Do What We Do at EDSI
  • We believe we can help our customers overcome their most challenging obstacles.
  • We believe in seeing through other people's eyes.
  • We believe that we can make a difference in people's lives.
  • We believe in meeting people where they are today and helping them to realize a better tomorrow.
  • We believe in living our professional lives in service to others.

EDSI (Educational Data Systems, Inc.) is a national workforce development, talent solutions and consulting company with a passion for helping great companies and communities train and retain great people. EDSI works with regions, employers and jobseekers to overcome their most challenging obstacles. Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, the company employs more than 800 people across the country. EDSI is a National Best and Brightest® Companies To Work For award winner.

For over 40 years, EDSI has worked with workforce development agencies, regional partners and employers to assess and understand workforce development needs and deliver solutions to build better workforces. The company operates more than 70 contracts providing successful business services and jobseeker placement and retention services across the country.

EDSI’s consulting team specializes in providing organizations with support in 3 critical areas: Attracting, Training, and Retaining top talent. EDSI helps organizations develop and implement “better, faster, smarter” people and business strategies.

EDSI is a proud Certified B Corporation, certified by the nonprofit B Lab. EDSI’s elite B Corp status puts it in a category with thousands of other high-caliber businesses setting the gold standard for good business. Through B Corp Certification, EDSI aspires to use the power of business to help solve social and environmental problems while operating under the highest standards of awareness, performance, transparency and accountability.

EDSI is an ISO 9001 certified company and committed to quality excellence.