EDP Company

EDP Company is an established electronic contract manufacturer with a 37 year history.  We also have a thermal and climatic test facility.  In addition, we have a related company, SensComp, Inc., which was created when we purchased the ultrasonic sensor and component division from Polaroid.  We are a small, family owned and friendly business with a global footprint.


EDP and SensComp look for people driven by passion for excellence who want to work as a team to create and strengthen mutually beneficial, profitable and strategic outcomes that extend to all employees, customers and suppliers.  We look for people who share our team’s core values and commitments and have an outstanding work ethic.  Skills can be learned but work ethic cannot.  EDP is looking for motivated team players as we continue to grow.  We encourage growth in the workplace and are interested in cultivating skilled and passionate long-term employees.


Our employees enjoy working at EDP because we show our appreciation for their excellence, being a team player and commitment to “doing whatever it takes” to get the job done.  We value each person as an individual, work with them and reward them accordingly.


Positions currently available:


  • Purchasing Agent
  • Dynamometer Test Technician
  • Production Floor Personnel, Including Assemblers and Machine Operators


Future positions available:


  • Human Resources and Executive Assistant
  • Sales/Marketing/SEO
  • Quality Control
  • Shipping and Receiving Assistant