Sleep Solutions Home Medical

There’s a common story amongst our team that Sleep Solutions Home Medical was born in a closet. Our founder and company President, Robyn Parrott, LRT, began a career in home care in 1986. As a respiratory therapist, she recognized a need to treat not only adults suffering from sleep apnea but also children. The pediatric population requires a special touch and many home medical equipment companies will not treat the pediatric population when it comes to their sleep apnea problems. As the closet grew, so did our team – but the empathy and passion has been passed through the staff by many employee-friendly policies and a corporate focus on education, caring and understanding.

If you work at SSI, you’re no stranger to a spur of the moment barbecue or a family friendly event after work. We certainly aren’t all about fun and games. We understand the seriousness of our work. One thing that you should expect as we help educate you on your health condition, insurance policy or equipment care is empathy. We live by our mission statement and do our best every single time to deliver quality home care throughout our service area in Michigan.

Sleep Solutions Home Medical is a Made in Michigan Company. The economy is a very important concern of Sleep Solutions. We use every opportunity to support Michigan owned companies. If we can’t find it within Michigan we try to support Made in the USA based companies.