Colombiere Center

Colombiere is one of the best-kept secrets in Southeastern Michigan. Secluded, yet only a short drive from Flint, Detroit or Lansing off I-75, conference attendees avoid the distractions of the city and surround themselves with acres of towering pines, oaks and walking trails. Gardens and pathways are open invitations for quiet walks.

Colombiere opened as a Jesuit training facility in 1959. It is named after Claude de la Colombiere, a Jesuit teacher, orator and spiritual director, who lived in France from 1641 to 1682 and was canonized May 31, 1992. From the beginning, the Jesuit Healthcare Center and retired priests and brothers has been located here, as well as a large community of Jesuits involved in the operation of Colombiere. Currently we serve as both a conference and retreat center as well as a Healthcare facility for sick and retired Jesuit priests and brothers.

The Conference and Retreat facility has accommodations for day and overnight guests including appealing buffet style meals, spacious meeting rooms, an auditorium and other amenities. Although the facilities reflect the Jesuit influence, they are not limited to those of the Catholic faith. Colombiere hosts a wide spectrum of non-profit and for profit groups and is available for educational, religious, and governmental day and overnight programs, as well as both corporate and religious retreats.

As for the Healthcare side of operations, Colombiere Center considers itself a Jesuit community first and foremost that focuses on healthcare for retired Jesuit priests and brothers. Our community focuses on a range of services from total healthcare, assisted living and retirement. The focus of Healthcare at Colombiere Center is a Person Centered Care delivery. There is a commitment to the philosophy and practice of providing excellent care which respects the dignity and individuality of the Jesuit. Good healthcare is but one aspect of a number of operations and activities integral to its functioning. Other aspects include physical and recreational therapy and social activities with their fellow Jesuits, families, and friends.

At Colombiere Center, we believe in the importance of the human connection. We create a family-like environment to not only enrich the workdays of our employees, but to add meaning and significance to the days of the Jesuits as well. Through the implementation of a person-centered care philosophy, we work as a team to achieve a common goal of serving the Jesuits. It is an honor to assist those who have spent their lives helping others.