A Trusted Michigan Career School for over 85 Years In 1934, Ruth Dorsey founded the Dorsey School to meet the growing demand in business for highly skilled operators of Victor and Burroughs’ comptometer machines. In its day, the comptometer was the most advanced technology for data tabulation and was widely used, well into the 1960’s. Today, Dorsey School of Business Inc., doing business as Dorsey College, remains a committed career training school that prepares individuals for promising career opportunities, technology training, and certifications for the medical, culinary arts, skilled trades, and cosmetology fields. Dorsey College is proudly represented by thousands of successful graduates from our career training schools in Michigan. The entire staff of Dorsey College strives to prepare individuals for the best possible career opportunities in various fields. Get started on your career training today and you too can represent Dorsey College by working in the field of your choice, right here in Michigan.