SG Energy Solutions

Founded as SG Construction Group, LLC (“SG”) in 2000, SG has evolved to include several affiliated companies that all have one goal in mind: To solve complex problems for clients around the globe. SG | Energy Solutions specializes in the utility and power industry. We provide installation resources, fleet management, IT services, project management, and logistics support for a select group of niche clients. Our customer base includes multinational corporations with industrial and utility facilities around the globe.

SGES Mission: Connecting people, power and passion with solutions around the globe! Our goal is client satisfaction. We listen intently from conception to completion to develop effective and creative solutions for our partners. We accomplish these goals by entrenching ourselves in our clients' business. We anticipate problems rather than react to them.

Our Core Values:

Solutions. We believe that there is a solution to every problem. Solve it.

Energy. We integrate people, power, and passion to produce winning results. Harness it.

Accountability. We hold ourselves accountable and take full responsibility for everything that we do. Own it.

Safety. We won't do it if it's unsafe and won't let others do it either. Safety first.

Ready. Set. Go.

It's our philosophy of always being ready, equipped with a complete understanding of systems and project scope, and prepared to mobilize anywhere in the U.S. within 24-48 hours and 72 hours globally. We pride ourselves on our deep industry expertise and high-powered attitude, in addition to consistently delivering a safe and quality product for our clients.