TST Tooling Software Technology, LLC

TST Tooling Software Technology, LLC is the global leader among service providers in the international market. Our world class applications and stellar service provide our clients the competitive edge necessary to be successful in today’s business environment. Headquartered in Clarkston, Michigan, we provide solutions that make sense from start to finish. TST is the master distributor of VERO (VISI and PEPS) Software in the United States and Canada. We also sell and support DYNAFORM and Factory Wiz Monitoring and DNC.


At TST, our mission and commitment is to provide the COMPLETE hardware and software SOLUTION for the Tool Industry. We manage your data from the time it comes in to the time it leaves the building, saving you both time and money. Our broad and complementary range of technologies and knowledge starts with reading your part files, analyzing costs and materials, proceeds to design, includes machining and molding, works on the shop floor, and returns information to your clients.