Impact Management Services

Our Purpose

At IMPACT Management Services, we take a unique approach to recruiting, selecting, and managing employees. Unlike most staffing firms that treat candidates as a one-time transaction, we believe that every candidate that walks through our door or calls us on the phone deserves the highest level of extraordinary service. Additionally, we consider ourselves trusted advisors to our clients, providing them with the level of knowledge they need to attract, select, and retain top talent.

Our Value Proposition

Our goal is to have a “Positive Ripple Effect” on all our candidates, employees, and clients. This approach involves the following key principles:

  • Treat all candidates with respect.
  • Mentor and coach to full-time employment.
  • Career consulting.
  • Identify the perfect cultural fit for our candidates.

This unique approach provides multiple benefits to our clients, including higher employee engagement, lower turnover, increased productivity, access to a greater talent pool, and the peace of mind that they are working with an employer of choice attracting the best talent available.