Tanisha Systems Inc.

Test Administrator/Exam Coordinator
Job Location: Livonia, Michigan (Day 1 Onsite)
Duration: 4 Days Temporary Employment 

Interview process: 15 minutes interview

Mandatory Skills: Someone must be very fluent in using Laptops/Computer.

Key responsibilities:
•Greet candidates and verify identification.
•Efficiently monitor and dismiss candidates as they complete exams.
•Ensure that every candidate receives a fair and comfortable testing experience.
•Supervise and proctor live professional exams for international candidates.
•Chat messaging skill with candidates.
•Multi-tasking, toggle between multiple windows.
•Basic troubleshooting for exams.
•Give accurate exam information to candidates.
•Follow exam admission sponsor guides for multiple exams at a time.
•Comfortable with public speaking and an ability to communicate professionally.
•Identify and manage the risks and issues, and timely escalations.
•Follow the documented business processes.
•High school degree equivalent
•Must be able to work in the U.S.
•No previous experience needed, training will be provided

Desired Skills    
•Basic MS Office & MS Excel skills.
•Should be able to do multi task, toggle between multiple windows.
•Should have good English interpretation and application skills.
•Internet savvy candidates with fast chat multi copy paste, edit, posting skills.
•Ready to learn basic troubleshooting steps.
•Candidates who exhibit proactive learning abilities, coupled with a self-initiating disposition and friendly demeanor.
•Strong sense of initiative, ownership and urgency.
•Continually updating skills and learning new platforms with working on multiple platforms.