Alternatives For Girls

Our mission is to help girls and young women experiencing homelessness and other risks avoid violence, early pregnancy, and exploitation; and help them to explore and access the support, resources, and opportunities necessary to be safe, to grow strong, and to make positive choices for their lives. We serve girls and young women experiencing homelessness and other risks through the following programs:

  • Shelter: Our focus is on crisis response and safety. We provide a stable home that helps teens and women avoid high-risk activities, such as sex work, drug use, domestic violence, and gang involvement. We empower participants to make safe choices and live healthy lives. Read more about Shelter here.
  • Prevention: Our focus is on early intervention and leadership development. We serve girls ages 7-19 who are at risk of gang involvement, abusing drugs or alcohol, early pregnancy, and school truancy. We engage them through mentoring, after-school programs, a college prep program, and a summer camp. Read more about Prevention here.
  • Outreach: Our focus is the expansion of participant opportunities. Our programming serves as a lifeline to many young and adult women seeking to remove themselves from situations and activities that threaten their well-being, their futures, and their lives. Read more about Outreach here.
  • Housing Stability: Our focus is housing and community permanence. We support 18 to 24-year-olds experiencing homelessness with housing and other resources designed to stabilize them in the community. Young adults, including some with children, accept housing assistance and personalized case management. We emphasize the pursuit of education, vocational training, and employment geared for self-sufficiency and healthy, productive lifestyles. Read more about Housing Stability here.
Dec 08, 2023
Full time
$43,697 - $65,545 yearly
Alternatives For Girls Hybrid (Detroit, MI, USA)
Job Summary: The Case Planner/Counselor supports AFGs mission, and the goal to deliver case management services and intensive therapeutic counseling for individuals, families and groups in the Shelter/TIL program. Key Responsibilities: Screen, clinically assess and process referrals for intake into the shelter program. Develop treatment plans for program participants. Provide individual and family counseling. Provide crisis intervention and referrals for mental health services. Facilitate therapeutic groups that meet the specific needs of program participants. Schedule meetings with parents/guardians, school social workers and counselors. Participate in case conferences to moderate and ensure client progress. Assist program participants seeking employment or meeting educational goals. Assess housing and psychosocial needs. Maintain accurate and complete treatment files. Complete HMIS documentation. Prepare a case conference...