Job Title: Lead Python Developer

Work Location: Fort Mills, SC

Job Description

As a Sr. Python Developer, you will design, build and maintain high performance microservices and APIs running on AWS leveraging proven serverless architectures.



- Design, develop, test, deploy and maintain microservice REST APIs and event-driven architectures on AWS services including Lambda, API Gateway, X-Ray, RDS, Elastic Cache, OpenSearch/Elastic Search, and more

- Develop PySpark ETL data pipelines, leverage AWS data services (Glue, Kinesis) to build scalable data processing applications

- Establish CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure as code workflows using Github, GitActions and Terraform

- Instrument and monitor API gateways, lambda functions, understand and optimize performance metrics

- Debug and troubleshoot issues across the cloud application architecture in fast-paced agile environments

- Contribute to architecture discussions, guide technical design decisions with cloud-native, serverless-first approach



- 10+ years experience with Python and building high-performance REST APIs on AWS cloud platform

Mandatory skills : Redshift, AWS

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