The company opened in 1946 as Nick's Brett Drive Grocery in Midwest City and grew throughout the 1950s and the 1960s. In 1964, the business moved to a new location in the Ridgecrest shopping center on Reno Avenue in Midwest City. They opened the first Crest Food stores in Midwest City.[4]

In 1984, their second location opened in Midwest City. In 1997, their third location opened in Edmond, where the corporate offices are located. The name was shortened to Crest. In 1999, Nick and Cherry Harroz retired and passed on their company to their son Bruce Harroz.

In 2002, a fourth store was added in Moore. In 2004, a fifth store was added in Oklahoma City, and the following year, a sixth store opened in northern Oklahoma City. In 2010, a seventh store opened, the first to be named Crest Fresh Market, in southern Oklahoma City