Founded in 1999 by Bryan Berry in Southeast Michigan, Allcomm Inc. has emerged as a dynamic solution integrator dedicated to empowering enterprises with the tools and services they need to operate efficiently and cultivate a high level of reliability within their business systems.


Evolution and Growth

From its humble beginnings, Allcomm has evolved to become a cornerstone in the technology solutions industry. Initially focused on serving the Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) sector, the company has successfully expanded its reach to cater to multi-site customers with locations outside Michigan and Fortune 500 companies. This growth is a testament to Allcomm's adaptability, commitment to excellence, and ability to meet the evolving needs of a diverse customer base.

Our Headquarters

Situated in Commerce Township, Michigan, Allcomm's singular office houses a dedicated team of 11 full-time employees. This close-knit team collaborates seamlessly across various departments, including installation, support, sales, and management, to provide comprehensive solutions and services to our valued clients.

Comprehensive Product and Service Portfolio

Allcomm takes pride in offering a world-class product line with complete design, installation, and support services. Our expertise spans across key areas, including:

  • WIFI: From surveying and design to installation and ongoing support, Allcomm ensures robust and reliable wireless connectivity solutions.
  • VoIP: Our team excels in designing, installing, and supporting Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems, enhancing communication efficiency for our clients.
  • Network Infrastructure: Allcomm specializes in the design and installation of comprehensive network infrastructures covering fiber, copper, and outside plant solutions.
  • IT Network and Desktop Services: We provide end-to-end solutions for IT network and desktop needs, from design and sales to ongoing support.
  • Video Solutions: Allcomm extends its capabilities to video technologies, including conferencing and surveillance systems.
  • IT Security Suite: Recognizing the critical importance of security, we offer a robust IT Security Suite to safeguard our clients' systems and data.