Intrastate Distributors, Inc

The Towne Club Bottling Co. first started selling its soda pop in the mid-1960’s at its own retail outlets in Detroit, Michigan known as “Pop Centers”. These "pop centers" offered numerous flavors of soda than was typically seen in grocery stores, and was usually sold by the case, most notably a wooden crate which held 24 bottles. Customers would enter the outlet facility, usually resembling a warehouse, they would grab a wooden crate and walk amongst the various stacks of “pop” while they pick and choose their favorite flavors. Towne Club is now owned and bottled by Intrastate Distributors Inc. in Detroit, Michigan. Although we are best known for our local Towne Club Pop, Intrastate Distributors owns a total of three different brands, which includes the Classic American Soda named Frostie, and a sparkling water, widely popular in schools, called Kist Sparkling Water.


What employee rewards do you offer?: IDI offers several incentive programs, that includes drivers and warehouse loaders. We also offer tremendous flexibility with personal schedules and hours, in addition, paid vacations after one full year of working and benefits eligible after 90 days of employment. 


What makes your company a great place to work? In January 2010, Intrastate Distributors opened a 315,000 square foot facility to handle all DSD Distribution of over 1,800 sku’s to all of our customers in Southeast Michigan. Our DSD distribution currently has over 40 Sales Representatives,. Mass Merchandisers, telephone sales and more! We service over 8,000 customers in the Greater Detroit Area.


Positions available: Delivery Drivers - Warehouse Loaders - Sales Representatives