About ProfitGuard

            PG is the leading provider of business credit information to the industrial sector. We are passionate about helping our clients make better credit decisions while safely growing their businesses. Information is power and PG provides the best business credit information in the industrial sector which speaks to our mantra… “Know the Risk Before You Ship”.

                We recognize our employees are our biggest asset and that is why we have a vested interest in making sure each is successful.


          Stability, sustainable growth, and our winning culture are the keys to ProfitGuard’s success.  Our services are counter-cyclical, which over the last 20+ years has helped us grow sustainably.   We manage our growth well and, as a result, have maintained a stable employment environment since our inception.  Our team is empowered to make decisions at all levels and promote an entrepreneurial work environment where everyone is a stakeholder and shares in the company’s success professionally, personally, and financially.   Embracing a continuous learning mentality, striving for excellence, high integrity, and customer success are among ProfitGuard’s core principles and foundation.