DiBella’s Old Fashioned Submarines

It all started almost a century ago in a little corner grocery store. The place? Rochester, NY. The store? A small, family-run business with a reputation for quality, value and consistency that gradually evolved into an Italian import store and deli. Over time, DiBella's moved away from importing, turning instead to time-honored baking techniques that would produce the classic sub roll for which we're famous.

After all these years, we still adhere to the same classic baking techniques for rolls and cookies like you'd get from a small, neighborhood bakery. Proofed, scored, seasoned and fresh baked all day long — guaranteeing not only the freshest roll you ever tasted, but the best sub you ever had. And that's not just Grandma DiBella's Italian American pride talking. Because as awesome as our sub rolls may be, they don't become classic DiBella's subs until they're custom prepared right before your very eyes. With the highest quality meats, cheeses and condiments. Your choice of roll. Your choice of toppings. Your own personal touches that make our classic sub all yours.

Today, that small, family-run business is 47 stores in six states, still specializing in what got us where we are today: quality, exceptional service and awesome bread. And every time we build a sub, we build a relationship that has attracted a cult following — a relationship that turns first-timers into regulars — one that could only have come from the Italian in us and our red, white and blue collar roots.

Classic American subs served with classic American substance. It's who we are. It's what we do.

Stop in today and join the family!